Shabbat shalom from the top of the world



Meet Ben Goldstein.

From his first trip to Israel in 1991 at the age of 13, Ben fell in love with the Land and the People of Israel. A place like no other, he made a solemn commitment at the Western Wall on his Bar Mitzvah day, to move to Israel at 18 and join the first Jewish army since King David. Ben's dream of joining the IDF became reality in 1996 where he served in the IDF Infantry, (Givati) and continued after the army as a volunteer in the Israeli police and border police (MAGAV). 
A married father of four, the Goldstein family live in the magnificent hills of Yehuda (Judea), across from Bethlehem.


An IDF reservist, security expert, world renowned advocate for Israel, and Israel's social media sensation.

Ben is a dynamic, passionate, fierce protector of the Land of Israel and the Jewish Nation globally, both on the ground by patrolling the hills of Judea to keep the Jewish communities safe from terrorism and by leading security and self defence training sessions all over the USA, as well as protecting Israel on social media by illuminating the reality, truth and beauty of the Holy Land. 


Ben has over 30,000 followers on social media and his most viral videos have had more than five million views each on Facebook alone. 


"Ben has devoted his life to showing Israel through a realistic light, the light that Israel deserves to be seen in."

Since 2002, Ben has been protecting IDF soldiers, medics, and volunteer first responders directly, by providing them with life-saving gear and equipment to protect them while they protect and defend the Land of Israel.


An IDF combat paramedic who recently received trauma gear from Ben, used this gear to save the life of his officer who was severely injured in a terror attack. There are many more stories like this and thank G-d for Ben who is the only person in the world who fills in the gaps by directly providing life-saving gear to the IDF warriors. Thousands of IDF warriors, civilian security officers and communities all over Judea and the Gaza border have received gear directly from Ben since 2002. 


Ben has been interviewed by or featured on the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), GQ, the Joshua and Caleb Report, BreakingIsrealNews (BIN), Maariv, Uncle Sam's Misguided Children, Tom Trento, Pamela Geller and other media personalities and news outlets.

Ben is one of a kind when it comes to defending the State of Israel, the Nation of Israel and unifying the Nations.